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So you’re looking to get fit and stay fit in 2017 but you have tried all of the one size fits all solutions. You have tried the latest Harrisburg fitness fads and still find yourself looking for a solution to help you reach your health and fitness goals!

The problem with most of these types of fitness programs is that they have a one size fits all approach. Why do you think it is that people who employ personal trainers achieve far greater results than people who just head to the gym and follow a generic set of exercises? Well the key to the answer is the word ‘personal’ and the fact of the matter is that most of the health and wellness programs out there are not personal in the slightest.That’s where the IDLife Experience is miles ahead of standard health and wellness systems – because it is all centered around you.The IDLife Experience is not only the most effective Harrisburg wellness system, it is the best across the whole of the United States – here’s why we think this system is leaps and bounds above anything else we have tested.It all starts with you…Imagine you had your own personal health and fitness consultant or personal trainer. They would probably start by getting to know a little more about you.

What makes you tick, what your diet is like, what your lifestyle is like, what your fitness goals are and crucially if you have any pre-existing medical conditions. How many programs have you considered starting where none of this information is necessary?It simply doesn’t make sense!With the IDLife Experience, it all starts with you… and all of those factors are taken in to consideration when preparing and planning your unique, custom designed nutrition package.In fact, the secret to the success of the IDLife Experience is down to the way the package is tailor made to suit the individual – and there are hundreds of testimonials from people like you who are in the best shape of their lives.

Nutrition, Hydration and Sleep…The IDLife Experience is focused around providing you with a full nutrition and hydration solution that fits around busy schedules. Taking just an additional 3-5 minutes out of your day, the Harrisburg nutrition solution is perfect for those of us who lead a hectic lifestyle but still maintain a desire to have a healthy, well balanced diet.Focused around custom designed nutritional supplements, hydration and a good nights sleep – the IDLife Experience is simply unrivalled in terms of the results achieved and the impact it can have on how well you will feel.The deal breaker for us was the natural sleep aid that comes in the form of a minty strip that will leave you having the best night’s sleep of your life – no matter how stressful the day has been.

The key to looking and feeling great is not only your nutritional intake, but also allowing the body to absorb and re-energize – something that the IDLife Experience tackles perfectly.By choosing IDLife Experience you are choosing something different… something unique… something designed for you. If you keep on using the same old nutrition programs then you will keep getting the same old results. Try something different today to help you be a better you tomorrow.

If you're looking for the best, most complete wellness system in one package; you're in the right place! The IDLife Experience gives you the convenience of:


...Your very own custom designed nutrition; individually wrapped multivitamin and health supplements for men and women alike. Provided to you in daily grab and go packets, these make the healthy life, an easy one.


...Is your ticket to thirst quenching hydration. WIth electrolytes and in flavors like grape, fruit punch and mango its the best of sports drinks without the sugar!


...Is your key to a good natural sleep. ​ Experience the best sleep aid in the form of an easy to use, mint flavored strip. With ingredients like melatonin and 5htp, you will not find a better natural sleep aid that goes above and beyond your average melatonin pills.

​The Best Meal Replacement/Protein Shake

The only thing consistent is change! We know not everyone has access to ,or wants too, earth grown vegetables and grass fed/free range meats. We ensure at least one of day your getting the best protein available with our vanilla, chocolate, or vanilla vegan shake!